Do you treat everyone like a potential client?


You probably rely on referrals to generate a large portion of your firm’s revenues.

Word of mouth, however, is not limited to your clients. It comes from everyone who interacts with you.

Didn’t tip the pizza delivery guy ?

He may end up in an accident and need a lawyer. He may also take the time to write a review about you on Google, Yelp or Facebook.

Did your office manager get hateful with the copy machine sales lady who was trying to drop a business card and introduce herself ?

She may be looking for someone to help her elderly parents with a will and an estate plan.

I get it. Time is a scarce resource for you and you can’t take time to take a meeting with everyone. We all have bad days too and sometimes we say things that we shouldn’t.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you are generating good word of mouth without cutting into that valuable time.

1.) Smile and make people you meet laugh

It costs you nothing and you will make someone’s day. Word will get around that you are a nice person.

The person behind the counter at the store where you buy your gas or where you grab your morning coffee is probably having a rougher morning than you. Take a minute and make their morning better.

2.) Over-tip and say “Thank you.”

If you are in a restaurant or get food delivered, add another 5 or 10 percent to what you would normally tip.

Take the time to say “You did a nice job” or “Thank you for taking care of us.” You will be one of few that do this and you will be remembered when their friend or family member needs a lawyer.

If you have a service done at your home, add a few dollars to the bill for the contractor or give the workers each a $10 or $20 gift card to Sheetz (or wherever you choose) and tell them “Thank you.” It’s a small gesture, but they will remember how awesome you are when their business needs some legal services.

3.) If you can’t or don’t want to take a meeting with someone who is calling on you, offer a referral.

I know you are laughing right now, but I also know that if you ever sat through a timeshare meeting and didn’t buy, you gladly gave up your friends to get out of that meeting. Those were YOUR FRIENDS, not just people who were professional acquaintances.

Give up a couple of names of people for that salesperson to go see. They will love you for it. In addition to the fact, that they may have a need for legal services in the future, they meet a lot of people and can be a good referral source for you.

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