Who is the most important person in your law firm? It’s not probably not who you think it is.


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You worked your ass off and paid a lot of money to get your undergraduate degree and then to get your J.D.

You studied hard and passed the bar exam.

You worked countless hours for less than optimal pay as an associate at a law firm, a prosecutor or a public defender.

You fine-tuned your craft and endured countless hours of CLE courses.

You won in the courtroom.

You finally made partner at the firm or you had the guts to hang your own shingle.


You are the bomb!


It goes without saying that you are the most important person at your firm, right?



The most important person at your law firm is the person answers your phone. If that person doesn’t do the job right, you don’t get to do your job.

All of that time and money that you invested to get to where you are today is going right down the drain with every mishandled lead, unprofessional interaction and inconvenient prospective client experience.

Every time your under-paid, under-trained assistant answers the phone with “Law Offices” you are losing money. Every time the person answering your phone gets short with a client or prospective client, your hard-earned reputation is getting tarnished.


The most successful attorneys I have worked with understand this.

There are 3 things that they do to make sure that they have an advantage regarding call intake:

  • They overpay to get the best talent for the position. They understand that lost business and lost reputation are bigger costs than high salary.
  • They provide intake scripts and training. The best people may not come from a legal background. You can teach the skill set, but not the intangibles.
  • They spot check and provide feedback. When is the last time you listened in as a “secret shopper” called into your law firm as a prospective client?


Make the commitment to invest in the most important person in your firm.

Your wallet and your reputation will thank you.



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